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At Global Youth Collaborative Inc, we believe in the power of young minds to shape a better tomorrow. Welcome to a community dedicated to empowering youth, fostering change, and creating opportunities. Together, let’s build a brighter future for Pennsylvania and beyond.

About Us

Welcome to Global Youth Collaborative Inc, where our mission to empower youth and transform futures is brought to life through a dynamic and purposeful approach. At the heart of our strategy is a commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that diverse youth from all backgrounds find support and opportunities within our programs.

Global Youth Collaborative Inc, a beacon of empowerment and transformation since our establishment in early 2023. We proudly achieved our 501(c)(3) non-profit status on October 18, 2023, cementing our dedication to fostering positive change.

Our everyday’s goal is to empower the young minds of Pennsylvania to create lasting change in their communities and the world. Focused on underserved communities, youth of color, and social challenges, we stand on the principles of diversity, inclusion, and opportunity.

Mission & Values

Empowering Youth for Lasting Change: Our Transformative Mission at Global Youth Collaborative Inc

Our core mission is to empower young individuals in Pennsylvania, guiding them to create meaningful and enduring change in their communities and beyond.

In the tapestry of our work, we emphasize inclusivity, focusing on underserved communities, youth of color, and those confronting social challenges.

Vision & Guidlines

Empowering Youth for Lasting Change: Our Transformative Mission at Global Youth Collaborative Inc

We envision a future where every young individual, irrespective of background, experiences empowerment to unlock their full potential.

This vision is grounded in principles that guide our actions and define our commitment to positive transformation.

Our guiding principles embody inclusivity, recognizing the strength found in diversity.

We strive to create an environment where accessibility is a priority, ensuring that all youth, regardless of circumstance, have the opportunity to participate and thrive.

Diversity & Inclusion: We consider all perspectives equally and honestly

Inspiration: Move people to believe in better mentality

Innovation: Make a difference, differently

Impact: Create change that matters

Meet Our Team: Passionate Advocates for Youth Empowerment

At Global Youth Collaborative Inc, our strength lies in the dedication and expertise of our diverse team—a collective force committed to empowering youth and transforming futures.

Our team at Global Youth Collaborative Inc is united by a shared passion for creating positive change. Together, we work tirelessly to empower youth, break down barriers, and foster a future where every young individual realizes their full potential. Join us on this transformative journey!

Larry Kaplan

Founder & Executive Director

With a vision to create positive change, Larry Kaplan founded Global Youth Collaborative Inc in early 2023. As the Executive Director, Larry brings passion and leadership to guide the organization in its mission.

Emily Rodriguez

Programs Manager

Emily is our Programs Manager, overseeing the development and implementation of inclusive initiatives. With a background in education and youth development, she ensures our programs resonate with the diverse needs of the youth we serve.

Michael Chen

Community Engagement Specialist

Michael, our Community Engagement Specialist, builds bridges between Global Youth Collaborative Inc and the communities we serve. His expertise in community relations fosters meaningful connections and collaborations.

Jason Thompson

Education Advisor

Dr. Thompson, our Education Advisor, brings a wealth of knowledge to our educational empowerment initiatives. Her expertise ensures that our programs go beyond traditional boundaries, providing valuable learning experiences.

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